Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi

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Mission Spotlight

The Diocese is responding to the ever changing needs of its parishioners and the communities that it serves.


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Diocese at a Glance

Formed in 1995 from a division of the Diocese of Lake Malawi.

We are one of four Anglican Diocese ministering to the people of Malawi, Africa.

A member of The Church of the Province of Central Africa and world wide Anglican Communion.

Companion Diocese with Birmingham, Dallas, Fort Worth. Relationship with SOMA.

In November, 2010 the Rt. Rev. Fanuel Emmanuel Magangani was consecrated the 3rd Bishop.

We are...

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The Leonard Kamungu School of Theology is an Anglican Seminary located in the city of Zomba, Malawi. The school provides classes in theology, church history, spirituality, pastoral care, as well as courses in Islam and African Traditional Religion, enabling the student to do the work of pastors as well as evangelising to the communities they will be serving. Life at Leonard Kamungu Theological College centres on the chapel which has daily morning and evening services. In addition to their studies students farm to supply food for their meals.

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In Service

In our diocese we have the order of Sister of St. Mary. Their main duty is to pray for our diocese, the church, nations and to take care of the needy. They have a maize and Irish potato garden, they keep goats, sheep and chickens. They also conduct a business of tailoring which is one way of self support.

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Anglican News From Northern Malawi

Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi added a new photo. ... ExpandHide

Posted 3 weeks ago ago

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Back to the ministry. Our priest Fr. Kanyoli has entered into holy matrimony today. ... ExpandHide

Posted 3 weeks ago ago

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Peterson BingaI wanted be to there but hmmmm duties.3 weeks ago ago
Augustine Providence MwafulirwaThank to God,tiwafunira mafuno abwino. 3 weeks ago ago
Hannock Ng'omaIts wonderful and blessing3 weeks ago ago
John Maluwa Ude Mbewenext Time it will be me.God help me3 weeks ago ago
Isaiah MatomolaCongratulations!3 weeks ago ago
Ester MpandeGod bless3 weeks ago ago
Martn Wa Noma MnkhwambaCongrats Our Lovely Father, Thats What We Call Coming. 3 weeks ago ago
Chimwemwe ManjanoMay d almighty father n heaven owys b by ua side3 weeks ago ago
Man Tk Confie Manjanokutsilira ine3 weeks ago ago
Chifundo Emmanuel NamitepaWelcome to the greatest family brother.3 weeks ago ago
Hoder Munthali Be recvd into the world of mariege,God may protect and guid ur neww family.3 weeks ago ago
Lawrence Raffkid Chimagod bls ur fmly2 weeks ago ago
Patrick MtongaMulungu alemekezeke2 weeks ago ago
Elemia Mkomanthenga PhiriGreat2 weeks ago ago

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It was such a blessing to meet Mama Anabel Thomas today. It was 1996 when she came to Malawi as a missionary. We praise the Lord for her. She is one of the wonderful people who have seen our Diocese growing. ... ExpandHide

Posted 4 weeks ago ago

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Patrick MtongaGod is great4 weeks ago ago  ·  1
Peterson BingaIt's a blessing to us, 1996 is a long time.4 weeks ago ago  ·  1
Eleanor NesbittBless her and all mission people of god !!!4 weeks ago ago  ·  1

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To our valued viewers of this page. We would like to let you know that this page is highly censored. We value every responsible post as such if any post that is perceived to be irresponsible will be punched out. You may therefore post in English or Chinglish only. ... ExpandHide

Posted 1 month ago ago

I was honoured to participate at the wedding of our friends Kate and Tom now Mr. And Mrs.

Some of you remember Kate and Becci who came as missionaries of Right Hand Trust and served in Chilumba Parish for 8 months. It is just like yesterday when they were with us and yet years have gone by. Congratulations to the New Family. If you are happy and you want to join me in being happy for them please say Amen.
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Posted 3 months ago ago

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Patrick MtongaAmen!3 months ago ago
Chifundo Emmanuel NamitepaAmen!3 months ago ago
Abel Chuvuchawo HaraAmen my Bishop.3 months ago ago  ·  1
Isaiah MatomolaAmen!3 months ago ago  ·  1
Geoffrey Drycie MsusaAmen3 months ago ago  ·  1
Cindy Janzen GriswoldAmen!3 months ago ago  ·  1
Chisomo Mtegha PreciousAmen3 months ago ago  ·  1
Peterson BingaI met Kate while in Chilumba. I say felicitations to you. I wish both of you happy life in marriage. Amen!3 months ago ago  ·  1
Stacy Richards ThomasAmen!3 months ago ago  ·  1
Jolly ChadzukaBest wishes to the new couple.3 months ago ago  ·  1
Joseph FrancisExcellent! And glad to see you wearing a biretta!3 months ago ago  ·  1
Elemia Mkomanthenga PhiriAll the best. Wishing them happy and wonderful marriage.1 month ago ago

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We continue to pray for peace and order in our nation as we wait for the results of our votes. ... ExpandHide

Posted 4 months ago ago

I wish all our Anglican students who are beginning their term tomorrow, Monday 28th. Study hard. We need well disciplined and educated students for the future of our Nation in general and the Church in particular. ... ExpandHide

Posted 5 months ago ago

We are privileged to have our Second Bishop of the Diocese, Rt. Rev. Christopher J Boyle with us. He arrived on the 24th April and will be going back on the 8th May. ... ExpandHide

Posted 5 months ago ago

I had no energy to update you all on what is happening in our Diocese. We have here below lost our Diocesan Finance Officer Mr. Emmanuel Banda. Some of you may have known him when you were with us in the Diocese. He passed on last Sunday early hours. Burial was on Monday 31st. March at his home area Dwangwa. ... ExpandHide

Posted 6 months ago ago

Pious Mtonga MwalweniMay hs soul RIP6 months ago ago

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