Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi

Public/Private Education

The Bishop understands and advocates the importance of Education for the people living in the communities served by the Church. The Diocese of Northern Malawi participates in partnerships with the government, and neighboring Diocese to bring education to it's children, Catechists and Priests.

Chakoma Primary School

Chakoma Junior Primary School (standards 1‐6): in the past and in the present.

Old Classroom Shelter

Pupils in a classroom shelter in 2008.

Bishop Boyle with Pupils

Bishop Christopher Boyle talks to pupils in 2008.

Students in front of classrooms

Pupils outside the classrooms in July 2014.

Students and Teachers

Some pupils & Teachers in June 2014.

Also seen above are June 2014 container boxes from B’ham as well as a big bag containing exercise books bought with funds donated by Ian & Elaine Riley of the Congregation of St. Michael’s Bold mare in Sutton Coldfield in Aug. 2013. The funds were brought to the ADNM by the Skills Share team leaders, Jim and Liz Carr.

Chamalala Primary School

The Old and The New

Pictures showing the progress of renovating school buildings.

Old Chamalala School

The Old School Blocks.

New Buildings

New school block and staff room (photo July 2014).

Buildings built in 2009

School blocks built in 2009 and 2010(photo July 2014)

Students in Classroom

Chamalala School at the closing assembly July 2014

Friday the 25th July 2014, Willy Musukwa had a meeting with the Chiefs, SMC, PTA, teachers and pupils at Chamalala having delivered container boxes of books and exercise books for Chamalala and Mkunguni (Molozi) schools.

Kabuwa Primary School

Improving the Educational Buildings

Pictures showing the continuous progress of renovating school buildings.

Old Kabuwa School

Inside a classroom at Kabuwa in 2011.

Renovated Buildings

Old School blocks after renovation (photo July 2014).

Students eating porridge

Pupils eating porridge at the school quadrangle in 2013

The DNM built the school block on the left and a Community Based Organization the block on the far right hand side. Friday the 25th July 2014, Willy Musukwa delivered the container boxes of books and exercise books for Kabuwa and Kambulauzu schools and had a meeting only with the teachers.

Lubagha Primary School

Where we were and where we are.

Old Classroom Shelters

Classroom shelters in the background before 2005.

Students near Brick Kiln

PTA & learners near the site of brick kilns in 2008.

Students in front of new building

School in 2010.

New building shell

School block that needs roofing in 2014.

Finished School 2014

School in its entire setting in 2014.

Bsp. Boyle speaking to parents

Bishop C.J. Boyle talks to parents in 2014.

Msomba Primary School

Msomba Primary School

School uniforms provided for 535 students. These are minus the standard one pupils who were not there late last year when we began the project. You can see the difference this donation from True Awakening has brought to the school.

Msomba Primary School

Visiting mission team with students in front of the Msomba Primary school.


School Staff

Fr. Damba
Rev. Canon Charles Damba

Diocesan Liason

Bishop Biggers Secondary School

There is much progress on the ground as we wait to open the School this year (~2013). This is a project for the Secondary School on Likoma. It will be named Bishop Biggers Secondary School.

Bishop Biggers Secondary School

Bishop Biggers Secondary School.


School Staff

Fr. Chadzuka
Rev. Fr. Jolly Noah Chadzuka


Leonard Kamungu Theological College - Zomba


The Leonard Kamungu School of Theology is the Anglican Seminary located in the city of Zomba. Malawi. The college was opened to enrollment January 2006. Providing classes in theology, church history, spirituality, pastoral care, as well as courses in Islam and African Traditional Religion. The student is trained to do the work of pastors as well as evangelising to the communities they will be serving. Life at Leonard Kamungu Theological College centers on the chapel which has daily morning and evening services. In addition to their studies students farm to supply food for their meals.

The college is registered under the University of Malawi umbrella body, Board of Theological Studies. In 2007 they offered Certificates and Diplomas in Theology. Both courses run for three years.

Leonard Kamungu, the college's namesake was born circa 1877/78 at Chia in Nkhotakota. He was educated at a mission school and received further theological training at Kiungani in Zanzibar. Fr. Kamungu was ordained to the priesthood in 1909. Serving nine years in Malawi before accepting a missionary call to go and serve in Zambia at Msoro among the Nsenga whose language was similar to Chichewa. In addition to building the mission station with his own hands he set up education centers and baptized 124 catechumens towards the end of 1912.

Lecturers from the diocese of Northern Malawi